What is EPUB?
EPUB is the most commonly used ebook format. It is readable on the majority of mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, most tablets and smartphones including Android and Windows-based devices, and it can also be read on Mac and PCs.
EPUB is a global standard ebook format, as determined by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).

What is MOBI?
Mobi is the ebook format used by Kindle eReaders and Kindle apps for mobile devices, Mac and PC.  

What is PDF?
PDF is Adobe's fixed layout format. The free Adobe Reader is commonly used to read PDFs on the bigger screens of desktop PCs and Macs, however the reflow format of EPUB and MOBI is generally considered a better reading experience for mobile devices.

What are the features of the EPUB AND MOBI "reflow" format?
Most epub and mobi ebooks are a “reflow” format, where the images and text automatically reflow for different sized devices and personal settings. Features available on most devices include: change font size; bookmarking; notes; keyword search; definitions; contents list with direct links; adjust screen brightness; web links; full content indexing; Google and Wikipedia quicklinks. See more information on reflow ebook format here: http://mediapublishing.com.au/ebooks-about/


What eReader can I use to read my ebook?
iPad/iPhone: use iBooks (EPUB) or Kindle app (MOBI). 
Android tablet/smartphone: use one of the many eReader apps for EPUB, or the Kindle app (MOBI).
Windows tablet/smartphone: use Adobe Digital Editions (EPUB).
PC/Mac desktop: use Adobe Digital Editions (EPUB) or Kindle app (MOBI).
See more information on ebooks and eReaders on our About Ebooks page.

How do I download my ebook?
After your order payment has been approved you will be directed to click on a link that will download your ebook. 

How do I download my ebook to my mobile device?
Using the device on which you want to read your ebook, go to www.talubooks.com, login to your account, go to My Account (top right hand of site), go to My Downloadable Products link in the left column, then click on the ebook you want to download to your device.

Where is my ebook?
After payment has been approved your ebook download will be available from your My Downloadable Products page when you are logged in.
When you click on your ebook download link, your ebook file will automatically download to your downloads folder, which may take a few minutes. 
If you are using a mobile device, when you click on the download link the device may ask what app would you like to use to open the download - click here for a table of suggested eReader apps.


Are Talu ebooks DRM-free?
Talu ebooks are DRM-free (no Digital Rights Management), which means you can read your ebook on your different devices. 

Are books on Talu protected by copyright?
Unless otherwise specified, every book, ebook and PDF sold in Talu Bookstore is protected by copyright and cannot be passed on or reproduced in any form without written consent from the stated copyright holder listed in the Credits page of each publication. See our Media Publishing Legal Notice for more information. 
To protect copyright each ebook file is embedded with an individual identifier that can be tracked back to the buyer if the ebook is misused.


If I pay by Paypal eChequeYour when will my order be ready?
When you pay by Paypal eCheque your ebook download will be available from your My Downloadable Products page as soon as the payment is cleared, and you will be notified by email. If you ordered a print edition it will be sent as soon as the payment is cleared.

What is the currency converter?
All transactions are done in Australian dollars. If you are viewing the site from outside Australia, the currency converter tool on each product page is a guide and final price paid will vary depending on the rates applied by your credit card provider at the time of purchase.

Does my purchase include GST?
If your purchase was made in Australia then it includes 10% GST. 

How do I get an Australian tax invoice?
To receive a tax invoice please email talu[at]mediapublishing.com.au.

For anything not covered in FAQ please contact us