Reflow ebooks have great features that are driving huge growth in popularity. They are easy to buy and convenient for reading on smartphones and tablets because the images and text automatically reflow for different sized devices and personal settings.

The reflow ebook features available on most devices include: change font size; bookmarking; notes; keyword search; definitions; contents list with direct links; adjust screen brightness; web links; full content indexing; Google and Wikipedia quicklinks. See more information on the reflow ebook format here: http://mediapublishing.com.au/ebooks-about/.

EPUB is the most commonly used reflow ebook file format. It is readable on the majority of mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, most tablets and smartphones including Android and Windows-based devices, and it can also be read on Mac and PCs. EPUB is a global standard ebook format, as determined by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).

MOBI is the reflow ebook file format used by Kindle eReaders and Kindle apps for mobile devices, Mac and PC.

PDF is Adobe's fixed layout format (therefore very different to the reflow ebooks). The free Adobe Reader is commonly used to read PDFs on the bigger screens of desktop PCs and Macs, however the reflow format of EPUB and MOBI is generally considered a better reading experience for mobile devices.

Suggested eReaders to use for different devices and different ebook formats:






 iBooks free app

 Kindle free app

 iBooks free app

 Android tablet/smartphone

 Aldiko free app

 Kindle free app

 PDF Reader free app

 Windows  tablet/smartphone

 Adobe Digital Editions

 Kindle free app

 Adobe Reader  for  Windows Mobile

 PC/Mac desktop

 Adobe Digital Editions

 Kindle for PC/Mac

 Adobe Acrobat

Specialist eReader Devices:
Kindle Readers use MOBI.
Sony Readers use EPUB.
Kobo Readers use EPUB.
Note: these specialist eReader devices usually display only black and white.

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